Computation Efficient Learning Lab.

EECS and AI Department @ DGIST

We design the future learning technology and platform.

About Us
Primary Research Theme

Efficient AI Technology

We focus on how to redesign AI and learning technologies towards superior computing efficiency for IoT/Big Data/edge computing. We explore alternative computing solutions for future learning technology, including near data computing to push computation beyond traditional processors, and brain-inspired hyperdimensional computing that closely models the ultimate efficient processor - the human brain.

Latest News

Accepted papers at DAC’23

We will present two papers at DAC’23, an HD computing method integrated with deep learning and a task allocation technique for CXL devices.

Seohyun Kim, Kangwon Kim joined CELL

Seohyun Kim, Kangwon Kim in the AI department joined CELL in the first semester of 2023. Welcome!

Accepted paper at DATE’23

Two research papers are accepted at DATE’23. One paper proposes an enhanced technique for HD computing using a trainable encoder.


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